Exploring Nostalgia at Allenheads Contemporary Arts has now come to an end. Please look at the artists and events pages for documentation of the programme that ran from February to June 2009 and involved workshops, film clubs, retro nights, open studios, exhibitions and performances.

I am currently looking to develop bespoke arts programmes and events at other venues. If you’d like to get in touch with me please email hannahmarsden1@hotmail.com

A huge thank you goes to everyone who was involved in exploring nostalgia. I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Hannah Marsden



June 9, 2009

Exhibition extended until Sunday 21st June!

 Open Sat and Sun 2-5pm and by appointment Mon-Fri.

 A group show in and around ACAshop featuring:

Carole Luby, Sophie Michael, Claire Rowlands,

Kate Stobbart, Steven Walker and Andrew Wilson.

May 25, 2009

A4 noz poster

Exploring Nostalgia
The Allenheads Experience
Saturday 6th June / midday till late
Allenheads Contemporary Arts

A group show featuring:

Carole Luby, Sophie Michael, Claire Rowlands,
Kate Stobbart, Steven Walker and Andrew Wilson.

Artworks can be viewed in and around ACAshop until 6.30pm.
The after-show event continues from 7.30pm at the Old School House with a BBQ and live entertainment from Laura Kid Kirby, Phil Ogg and Toby Lloyd. Bring a bottle!

On Saturday 6th June Allenheads village will encounter a light sprinkling of temporary artworks including drawing, sculpture, live performance, film and photography made by six artists exploring the concept of nostalgia. The work has been created utilising selected locations including the Old School House, the Blacksmiths Shop, secluded huts, surrounding fell tops and the pub. This is not simply another nostalgia convention. There will be no vintage cars, no vinyl records and no comic books. This exhibition looks deeper, beyond the stuff and things of nostalgia, and into the mechanics and the consequences of a concept that was initially identified in 1688 as a disease.

Working individually the artists have responded to their experience in Allenheads and made works exploring aspects of nostalgia that are of interest to them. Carole Luby delves into the bittersweet nature of nostalgia and expresses a process of longing and searching in reality and fantasy. Sophie Michael revisits familiar spaces and objects through film, creating colourful portholes, cutting into time. Claire Rowlands reflects on the preservation of artefacts and imagery both personal and communal. Kate Stobbart returns romantic imagery of the countryside back to the land from which it was inspired. Steven Walker investigates the abstract concept of time, layering moments, confusing the past, present and future. Andrew Wilson retreats into a meditative state to filter his recollections through drawing.

This event is the culmination of a project conceived by Hannah Marsden in February 2009 with support from Allenheads Contemporary Arts. While working in residence at ACA last year Hannah became increasingly interested in the traces of history and tradition evident in the village community and the relationship of these aspects to the present day. The project is a creative enquiry into an ambiguous concept that can destabilise ideas of time and reality.

In February Claire Rowlands and Andrew Wilson were selected to work in residence at ACA to develop their practice and contribute to the project. In May further artists were invited to join a creative workshop weekend to experience the locality, meet residents, test out ideas and discuss the potential for making art in this context. The programme has evolved over the months to include a vintage cinema evening and book launch, a drawing workshop led by Andrew Wilson, an Open Studio with Claire Rowlands, an underground trip with Alan Smith, film clubs, retro nights and ongoing discussion and writing between the artists, residents and visitors.

The event is free and everyone is welcome. Refreshments will be available as usual from the Hemmel Cafe and Allenheads Inn throughout the day. From 7.30pm there will be a BBQ at the Old School House before the live entertainment begins, please bring a bottle to the party. Overnight camping available, bring your own supplies if you’re staying over. RSVP for camping and BBQ to ACA, contacts below.

The programme’s development has been tracked on a project blog with contributions from all those involved. Please visit the site for the most up to date info: http://www.exploringnostalgia.wordpress.com

Supported by the National Lottery through Awards for All.
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Open Studio 23/05/09

May 15, 2009

As part of the ongoing exploring nostalgia programme at Allenheads Contemporary Arts artists in residence Claire Rowlands and Hannah Marsden will host an Open Studio event at ACAshop on Saturday 23rd May 10am – 1pm.  Drop in to view works in progress and chat with the artists about the project.